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From A Sale To A Soul

Back in May, during a weekend visit to my mother's house for Mother's Day, we went to JoAnn's Fabric "just to look". On an end cap, there were piles upon piles of yarn cakes in beautiful colors. Like moths to a flame, my mother and I began to browse the selections, and we both found colors that we loved, that we could not leave the store without, that we knew we would start projects with that night. Besides, who can really walk away from yarn cakes that are on sale?

Are you seeing this? They are half price!

My mom picked a cake full of peachy pinks and pastels that she made into a gorgeous baby blanket (you can see it here!).

I had such a hard time choosing one color. I wanted to make a blanket, a big one, to keep for me, to put on my bed during those really cold winter nights where some extra snuggle is necessary. I've never kept a blanket that I've made, so this was a big decision. Should I go with that awesome hot pink? Maybe I should do something more muted and neutral like the blacks and charcoal grays or the tans and chocolate browns to make sure that my husband would want to keep the blanket, too! Our bed clothes were green, though, and green also happens to be my favorite color. So I finally decided on Mint Swirl, and I'm so glad that I did!

  Oh yes, look at all of those gorgeous shades of green!

Oh yes, look at all of those gorgeous shades of green!

I'm thrilled with how this blanket is turning out! I debated for a long time over what stitch I would use to best show off the flow of colors in the yarn. I couldn't color pool with it because the color changes were uneven. I thought, "Maybe I could crochet separate pieces for each different shade of green, and then sew those pieces together in a quilt-like fashion to create something fun," but I really didn't want to have to sew together goodness knows how many pieces of crochet! After much Googling, Pintrest diving, pulling out stitches, and trying something new, I found a golden goose - The Ten Stitch Afghan. This tutorial from Look What I Made was such a great find, and it ignited a whole new flame in my crochet art! I've been crazy about finding more of Tunisian crochet and mastering this extension of something that I already know and love. It's been a new challenge, and the biggest inspiration to actually go out and buy my own website, so that I can share and enjoy this art form with other enthusiasts! 

KatKnap has been a budding hobby-business for me for almost five years now. I haven't had a specific direction, and I haven't wanted to adopt a specific niche. Confining myself to one art form or one topic has felt very restricting in the past, and this website and this blog will likely still be as eclectic as I am. However, I have found a focal point to which I can continue to redirect my wondering attentions, my little corner of the internet, and I want to share it with you! Let's start with a stitch tutorial - KatKnap How To: Tunisian Simple Stitch.